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Wang Lee Hom
Heroes On Earth World Tour, Kuala Lumpur


New date, time, venue: Sunday, 4 March 2007
National Stadium, Bukit Jalil

Galaxy Group, the organizer of the concert regrets (bao qian) to announce that the date, time and venue of Lee Hom “Heroes On Earth” World Tour 2007, originally fixed on Saturday, 3rd March at Stadium Merdeka will be moved to Sunday, 4th March at Stadium National, Bukit Jalil, 7:30p.m.

Due to the recent cabinet decision to extensively renovate Stadium Medeka for the 50th Anniversary Merdeka Celebration on 31st August 2007, the venue is no longer available. During this 3 weeks planning, the Organiser have considered other venues such as Putra Indoor Stadium but the concert has sold more than 20,000 tickets, hence cant fit into Putra Indoor Stadium while others are not suitable.

Galaxy Group booked both Merdeka Stadium for Lee Hom and Negara Stadium for Muse World Tour in November 2006 and the latter is already sold out by end-January. Although the band did accept the suggestion of changing to a bigger venue for more audience but we insist to maintain for the convenience of the fans who have bought tickets.

Lee Hom was originally schedule to house maximum of 30,000 crowd but due to the fact that the concert production + seating cannot touch the field of the National Stadium, Lee Hom “Heroes On Earth” World Tour could only now house a maximum crowd of 25,000 audience only. The tickets available now are RM123 and RM353 only while other categories of RM53, RM73, RM153 and RM263 have all sold out.; which also means that only 3,000+ tickets available from now onwards.

In view of the above, the good news is the setting between the stage and the audience seems to be closer proximity that the previous venue and coincidently, 4th March is the Chinese Calendar Valentine’s Day (Yuan Xiao Je) to celebrate with Lee Hom.

However to be fair to fans who have bought tickets but could not make it for the new date on Sunday 4th March, Galaxy Group accepts full tickets refund from now until 2nd March. Those who could make it to the concert can still proceed with the original ticket and no changing of tickets for the new date is required as the seats numbers will remain as per the original tickets.

Lee Hom is being informed and he is rehearsing his dance + vocals in Taipei. Lee Hom is also very excited with Malaysia, his world tour finale that will feature, for the very first time his good friend, JJ Lin as the Superstar Special Guest! Both of them have promised Malaysian fans a never-seen-before surprise collaboration!

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Note: Please find attached herewith the new seating plan for your action.