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The links below are not ordered in any particular way. Thank-you for all your contributions.

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Andy Hui's Lost Paradise
Latest news, music, lyrics, gallery, CDs, profile, forum, chat, specials.
Comments: Latest news (June 1999) with 1998 archive. Music section contains videos, 6 MP3s, and an extensive lyric section. Gallery contains small pics but they are nicely categorised and is worth a look. CDs section is really a gallery of this past albums. Special section contains articles, awards, ICQ list, and it is where you could download quality Andy in Concert wallpapers.
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Muzi Entertainment | Starsline - Hui, Andy
Description: Profile, biography, news, gallery, and links.
Available in both Chinese and english and contains database of most celebrities worldwide. News is up-to-date but only viewable in Chinese.
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LS-Web Sites: Andy Hui
Description: Album list, audio samples, lyrics, profile, links, newest album, chat room, gallery.
Comments: Lyrics section contains 8 songs. There is 5 real audio files and 5 midi files to download. Album section lists all past albums and the songs in them. Gallery contains 15 photos, most of which are small.
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Andy Hui Shrine
Andy Hui Facts, Gallery, CDs (pictures of his albums only), Lyrics, Links to other sites.
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IDOLISM - Andy Hui
Description: A one page fact, discography, album review, and profile of Andy.
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Andy Hui's Homepage
Description: Profile, music, album, and gallery.
Music section contains Real Audio files of many of his songs. Album- up until 1997 but the links are currently broken. The second page of the Gallery is currently unavailable.

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Andy Hui's Fun Page : By Say-ma
Description: A Japanese site containing Andy's latest news and other feature sections like CDs, Profile etc.
Click here to open a new window Andy Hui's United Discussion Forum
Description: A website for you to discuss anything about Andy Hui.

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