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The links below are not ordered in any particular way. Thank-you for all your contributions.

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William's World by Yammie
Description: Profile, discography, pictures, drama & film, forum, chat, William's concert, news, downloads, and more web links.
Comments: by Mal So fans, "A wonderful website by the club-initiator of William's Singapore Official Fans Club. Includes the latest news and info about William."
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So Nice by Monica
Description: Profile, album list, pictures, lyrics, and chat.
Comments: A chinese encoded site by William's Taiwanese fan. Mal So fans recommends the @qñdt section stating, "an interesting article written by the owner of the page describing how she came to know about William and her unforgettable experience meeting him during his early visit to Taiwan".
Click here to open a new window William So at the Geocities by Vivace
Description: 8 real audio files, 10 pictures of his visits to Toronto in 1998, and 5 autographed pictures.
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William So's Official Website
Description: For exculsive pictures of William and Jane's wedding that was held in America.
Comments: The website officially launches on 7th Oct 1999. So if you want to see some insight pics, this website is definately worth a look.
Click here to open a new window So Nice by: Tootie (Japanese Fan)
Description: A website for William's Japanese fans that features his profile, CD info, drama info, photo gallery, and news.
Click here to open a new window William So in the Spotlight by Kat
Description: Small gallery of pictures and other links to William's websites.

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William So's Newsgroup - Click here to subscribe to William's latest newsgroup for free. You'll receive the heaps of news through your email client. (news://

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